It's been so long...

I have just logged back in to here out of desperation of expelled feelings.
Maybe someone out there will read this and hear this cry in the night.
I always find my way back here.
In the midst of trying to break old habits of yore.
But secretly want to lose at least 20 pounds my lowest last time was not enough.
And let me tell you I got down to 118lbs. oh now I am 136lbs. Probably more realistcally 140 because I gained from all this binging. I had my second baby 3 months ago so I am fighting post baby mom no wonder my man won't fuck me.
I can't hold back I have to release other wise I might end up leaving him...fuck it might just be the right thing.
I need friends, right now I have none.
Live in a small town far from my family. I just have who I was given.
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